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Yours by 1wordinsane

This is my heart.

By the world, by others. Turned into a looking glass. To run away. To protect. Only for me to see.

By time, by misery, by others. The walls I made up, the glass that's been placed, cracking. Shattering

Pieces fall with every word with every action. Against my will. With my will.

Who I am. what I am. What I've forgotten. what I don't want to be. What I can become.

It was mine for a long time, even when I gave I never fully game myself. Too afraid. Too hesitant. Too much pain before.
But with you..I take my chance. My heart, who I am. Who I was. Who I can become. Is yours. Fully yours.
Eromania application - Coriander by 1wordinsane
Eromania application - Coriander


When you find someone or something worth loving. Never stop moving towards that, not worth living with regrets.

:bulletred: Full Name: Coriander Aster Mcginnis
-Nickname: Cory
:bulletwhite: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Age: 22
:bulletwhite:  Race:Psychai - Seeking love
:bulletred: House: Agape
→ Dorm number: D3-4
:bulletred: Birthday: January 14
:bulletwhite: Orientation: Bisexual

:bulletred:Combat aid: One for all
From first glance One for all looks like a regular gauntlets that can be dubbed as brass knuckles. It is able to block physical hits as any normal gauntlets would, though in this form blocking is not it's forte. Though it looks cumbersome Coriander is comfortably able to move his hands and wrist as long as the gauntlet allows him too.

It's true form however comes out in combination with Corriander's newly found Psychai powers. By using natural magic Coriander is able to create a forcefield from his gauntlets, in this form blocking is it's forté. However because he has no experience with using natural magic this is draining for him. Only with time and training will he able to master this form.


:bulletwhite:  Personality: At first glance Corriander is a lazy, perverted, obnoxious douchebag that's full of himself. One a second glance not much has changed but there is more to him than that.

He's a very kind person, while he does not like doing chores or tasks assignment to him, he will jump to help someone out in need. Be it an cat stuck in a tree, chasing after a run away balloon, helping someone carrying their groceries. He's also not one to accept any reward, in fact he tries to scare off people with asking outrageous rewards in the ends, so that they would leave in a huff. This way nobody would feel guilty about receiving help even if they did not want it in the first place.

While laid back and mellow, the young male is very spirited when it comes to a persons hobbies or likes. He gets excited for the person, asks them questions and wishes to see how much that person loves those things. Depending on what he sees he would either drop the issue if it's unsatisfactory or be very encouraging.

He has the habit of becoming angry if someone says they're about to give up on something they love. Angry in a well meaning way, he would berate them, tell them they should keep on fighting, tell them that there is always a chance and they would regret it if they just dropped it. This comes to a surprise to many people who talked to the male a couple of times before.

What Coriander enjoys most however is watching people's expression if they achieved something they wanted. Be it falling in love, winning at something, or something something simple as drinking a beer on a hot afternoon. More than anything the young male is looking for what would give him that feeling of bliss and joy.

While he is always good for a listening ear, he rarely talks about his own feelings of problems. He masks them very well, waving them away with his own eccentricities and rather gutter-filled sense of humour.

In truth he feels empty and lost most of the times. Looking and searching for something that would make him whole. And dealing with the loss of finding that something and letting it go. He struggles with the thought of never finding that feeling again, but contents himself by helping others to find that sense of wholeness.

In truth he is jealous of those that could fulfill what he wants, but that jealousy fades away at seeing their expressions of joy and bliss. After all it's not worth being bitter over something that would make someone else smile.


:bulletred: Biography: He grew up in a loveless home. It was a cold and chilly place. His parents were barely around and Corriander soon learned to fend for himself. Even when they were at home it did not feel like any words they said were meant. More that it was scripted. School life was dull, he did not enjoy the lessons and soon fell into delinquent crowds. Though this stopped after a year after he found out that he didn't enjoy that either. He tried many things, many clubs but none of them held his interest. It was a boring empty life that continued on until his teens. It was there that he first found out how beautiful the small things in life could be.

It was after school and he was about to go home, he skipped most of the day by sleeping on the roof and it was in the late afternoon. He doubted his parents would be home and leisurely went his way, however something caught his eye on the path home. A person from his school searching through the grassy canal-side. His curiosity piqued he walked closer and asked what she was looking for. The girl was in tears and a mess. Mud and dirt all over her clothing and face, hands  raw from digging. She explained that she was looking for a necklace for hours now, a necklace that's very important to her.

Whilst normally he would turn a blind eye to these kind of things, figuring their not his business. The girl truly looked pathetic, seeing that he has time to spend and well her being so desperate the teen rolled up his sleeves and began looking with her.

The sun was setting when he finally found a necklace. It was then that his view on things changed.

It was like magic.

The girl lit up like fireworks and tears strolled over her cheeks as she tenderly held the necklace. A warm, honest smile radiated from her face as she thanked him so many times.

It was the most beautiful sight he has ever seen.

She was looking gross, dirt, tear, sweat and grass everywhere, hair messy and clothes ruffled up but that smile and that look on her face was absolutely beautiful.

On the way to her home she explained it was a gift from a childhood friend of hers. A piece of a matching set, she had it for many years and it was very precious to her. They said their goodbyes and Coriander went home to think.

Afterwards he found himself helping more and more people randomly. Just because and it felt..Good. It was not the same radiating smile as the first time but a smile none the less. He grew to like those smiles. It was then that he started talking to people more.

They told him about dreams, about hobbies, about past and future lovers and they always seemed to have this aura around them. An aura of blissful, contentedness, of happiness. The more Coriander talked and found out, the more hollow he felt and the more he wanted to find that same thing.

There was one thing however that filled that hollowness. And that was the girl he met before, Taylor.

After that fateful day she and Coriander became fast friends, though she berated him for skipping classes, she still helped him with school and they hanged out many times. They stayed friends even after highschool, she went to college and he began working in a café. While both busy they made room to spend time with their friend.

The years strolled by and eventually Coriander realized that he was in love.

It was a strange thing. Love. Something he's not accustomed to. The subject came up before. Throughout their highschool life Taylor kept single while Coriander had flings here and there, nothing truly special. He did ask Taylor why. She's one of the prettier girls he knew, kind, considerate yet also able to completely scare the crap out of someone when mad. She never truly replied, only playing with her necklace and having a far away look in her eyes.

It didn't take a genius to figure out she was pining for the one who gave her that necklace. It felt strange to Coriander however. Why wait for someone that you haven't seen for years. For someone that you knew as a kid. He couldn't understand but at the same time he did not want to jeopardize their friendship..Or losing her.

Eventually however he scrounged up the courage to confess to her. He's seen enough of that bliss, that sense of fulfillment and others and now he wants to try and get it for himself. And he's sure Taylor is the one for him.

But, a couple of days before he planned to confess he was serving someone at the café he was working in..Someone with the same necklace as Taylor, just a different colour. He froze and nearly dropped his plate, with some chit chat he grew to knew the person, at least on a professional level.

The person became a regular and Coriander did not confess, he was too curious about that necklace. Eventually he managed to ask it in the most casual way. And the sight that he saw broke his heart.

It was the same manner of response that Taylor had. Playing with his necklace, not really answering and having a far away look in his eyes.

He has a realization, one that he struggled with for days. For weeks. Eventually however he asked Taylor to come to the café and meet this costumer.

He thought that his heart broke when he saw his expression being similar to Taylor's. He was wrong. The look of surprise yet content happiness that they both had then. That look broke his heart. He backed away, because this was the right thing to do.

That night he received a letter. He thought it was a joke but it had a potion with it. Figuring that he has nothing else to lose he drank the potion. The most excruciating pain erupted from his back and he passed out from it. When he woke up he saw wings and the letter seems much more truthful.

While he could have stayed there..There wasn't much left to stay. He believed that perhaps on Venus..He would find what he's missing for. He left a goodbye note for Taylor and left.

This was the one thing that he did in his life that he regrets. But he was going to shoulder this regret, for how long he didn't know.


:bulletwhite:  Likes: Smiles, helping others, the naked body, noodles, Taylor, sleeping
:bulletred: Dislikes: Rules, regulations, tasks, spiteful people, cowards, people that give up, himself
The Persian groaned and rubbed his temples again as he surveys the kingdom around him. He seems to be doing that a lot, his mind was still trying to find ways to handle this, a plan. A plan for that plan and a back up plan just in case. You get the picture, it's how he dealt with these things, with anything. Have a plan and an ace up your sleeve at all times for any situation.  It was his way of dealing with things and honestly right now. He doesn't. He's been thinking for something, anything since Abbadon's attack on his kingdom since yesterday. His mind was running situations, ways to deal with this and they all ended up not good enough..Or just impossible.

He was scared.

Terrified even. For the first time since he ran away from Neon town so many decades ago he was absolutely terrified. Yeah there were times where things got tight and he was nearly panicking but there was always hope. There was always a plan, a way of action. In the past there was always something he can do to have control of the situation.

This time there isn't. How can you plan against a giant dragon attacking a kingdom after all? And it's not dead. They drove it off, it took a lot of effort of everyone but they drove it off but it's not dead. And that means it can come back, meaner, bigger with more tricks up his sleeve.

He didn't like it..But right now only thing he can do is make sure the kingdom of Selva is doing all right.

It was strange however. Sure he has a big mouth. Pj would be the first one to tell him that, but as far as he know he wasn't big on the nobility ranking. Just a knight. Still..People listened to his command. Then again if a big dragon was going to town on you home and everyone was scrambling as Torchic without heads, you tend to listen to the big guy that seems to have it together.

He was bullshitting everything but damn it work.

It's not a bad kind of strange. He thought as he mentioned a break he saw in one of the castle walls to the East to some carpenters and knights. It was..A nice feeling actually. It's odd how many people smiled at him when he passed by. Then again he along with many others drove of a giant dragon, that's bound to get some plust points by someone.

The Persian moved on before he was bumped by someone else. He blinked and idly looked to the side to see a rather pompous looking Weavile.

Long hair, slender thing snout with an expression as if there was something permanently up his ass, bulky shining armour; from the looks of it merely for decorative work and not really functional. It didn't have many scratches on it if any and it seemed too..Shiny to have been used very often. The scabbard and sword handle at his right were also very decorative. The most important thing however was his look.

The Weavile looking at him with a look that the Persian knew quite well. One that's been given to him lots of times in the past. That one particular look where you completely look down on someone, that he or she isn't worth the dirt beneath your soles.

Strange that he's been given that look but eh, it's probably a stuck up noble. Richter just shrugged and moved on.

"Watch your bounderies. Cat."

The Ice type spoke and Richter paused before turning his head around to give him a inquisitive glance.


"I said..Watch your boundaries, Swordsmon. Do not forget your place. " The Weavile stuck up his nose and spit at Richter's feet. "While...Your..Assistance was..Well placed. It was not needed. Nor is it needed now."

Now this was something new to Richter, but if anything he's know to keep his cool in situations like these. After all it wouldn't do much good if he suddenly started brawling with a dickhead when all around him people were working to restore the damage done..Though it seems they weren't. The sounds of the carpenters have stopped and with an idle glance around him, the Persian saw that many, if not everyone in the immediate are were looking at them..How strange.

The Persian shrugged again and gave a mocking flourishing bow to the Weavile, with how his nostrils flared up the ice type knew that it was not meant well.

"Oh my sincere apologies. I just stepped up. Someone had too after all. Besides 's not people were complaining 'bout it. It worked out fine, everyone's safe and the kingdom is still mostly in tact. You're welcome by the way."

Well there is a thing about Richter's version of keeping his cool. Sassy remarks and mocking are a part of it. If anything the feline hasn't yet started with a fist to the snout. Not that that is something he normally does..Only to the ones who really deserve it. Then again it seems the Weavile was about to blow a fuse. The ice type took a deep breath and stood up straighter than before.

"Well Iwould have done it better, your peasantry tactics took too long to remove the beast from our fair kingdom. In my eyes you are a failure. After all you are merely a low swordsmon and I am the captain of the guard."

The Persian paused, his grin if not a bit mocking fell from his face as his eyes hardened. The feline slowly stood up right and looked the Weavile straight into his eyes. It seemed the air around the feline became a bit chillier, though it wasn't as cold as his the gaze in his eye. The feline walked closer, slowly until he was head to head to the Weavile, they were about the same height but Richter was just a bit taller.

"Say that again. You're what."  

The weavile scoffed and was not at all intimidated at Richter's pose or gaze, in fact it merely placed a mocking smile on his face.

"Deaf as well as incompetent. Well nothing I did not expect from a peasant. My father and his father and his fathers father were all in this position. I come from a long line of guard captains, their tactics have been giving through generations..Naturally I would have done things differently and we would not have been forced to use as many of our men for..Manual labour. It's beneath them."

The Weasil scoffed and laughed for a bit before eyeing some knights to the side.

"For some of them at least. For others it is what they are good for. Humph. Speaking of which, it is not you function to command my knights. They have better things to do than..These..Chores."
In general he knows how to keep his cool, after all there are a lot of unnecessary fights in the world and if you can avoid them by being the bigger man, you should. He fought a lot and the feline certainly knows that sometimes it's just not worth it. However, this was definitely worth it.

The Persian clenched his hand before poking the Weavile in the chest with his other one while hissing out, indignation and well placed anger tinting the tone of his voice.
"Then where in the name of all the gods were you. Why weren't you commanding your men. Why weren't you organizing a room for the injured, making sure the townspeople were safe. Where were you when the Queen and King took up arms along with us to drive of that dragon. "
The Weavile apparently didn't expected to be put on the spot like this and spluttered for a moment before sneering.

"I was occupied with a most important task. That is all you would need to know. Stand down Swordsmon. Do not forget your place."

"There is no task more important than making sure the kingdom is safe. To prevent any casualties, to lead your men to defend the king, the queen, the people. There can be absolutely nothing more important.  You think you're so important and so much better than me boi. Prove it. I drove of that damned Dragon with our people, with our King and Queen, with allies from other kingdoms. I began overseeing the reconstruction of the damages in our kingdom and settling civil unrest. And I am tired. I am exhausted but I know that even in my sorry state I will kick you pompous lying behind. If your so certain of yourself, Sir asshat. Fight. Me."

Well that the ice type did not like. He snarled and slapped Richters hand away, gauntlet hit gauntlet and a dull metal thud ringed through the area. His other hand gripped the handle of his sword.

"Insolent swordsmon, I will show you your place. "

"Come at me bro. But keep that thing sheeted. We'll be using training swords and without armor. After all, if you really want to prove your skill. Aint no need for armour or fancy swords is there."
"Cur..Afraid to get hurt are we?"
"Ha, the opposite. But unless you're blind as well as stupid, it'll be bad for moral to suddenly start infighting now would it."

The Weavile eyes widened and he looked around before letting out a displeased grunt, slamming his sword back into the sheet before pushing the Persian aside.

"Very well then. The courtyard in an hour. Do not be late."
"Wouldn't dream of it, Sir asshat."
They both went their separate ways, the captain of the guards with an entourage of his followers. Richter on his own, the air once more was filled with sound. Though between the sounds of labour were the whispering and murmuring of townsfolk.

The Persian was sitting on the ground in apparent laziness, though if you looked closer that you would see differently, his tail was swishing on the ground, his ears and whiskers were twitching while his eye was surveying the courtyard. Mentally he was preparing himself, taking deep breaths and cooling his anger. Anger is a strong emotion, it brings out a lot of power in people but at the same time it clouds the mind. Channeling anger is a very important thing that he learned in the past and right now he's making fully use of what he knows.
Exhale. Inhale.

Imagine how the air goes through your chest, through your lungs and heart. How your blood flows, to the tip of your head, to your chest, to every fingertip and to the tips of your toes and then back again.

Exhale. Inhale.

His ears twitched and he heard a swishing sound coming near him, the Persian tilted his head to the side, an rock flying past his ear as he looked to the origin of the projectile. Naturally it was the Weavile, though it was not him that flung the rock, apparently one of his lackeys did, he hasn't seen is face around really. Well that didn't matter too much to him.

Richter stood up and snatched the dull training sword near him before placing the object on his shoulder.  He walked towards the Weavile and took his sweet time to it. He was observing the Weavile. From the looks of it, he wasn't all talk. The ice type stood firmly on his feet and his eyes were sharp. Good. Then he wouldn't have to feel bad about annihilating him.

With a wave of his hands the Weavile motions his lackeys away before taking his own training sword out. It was bigger and heavier than Richter's from the looks of it. How strange. Weavile's are normally all about quickness. Then again he doesn't know how good the ice type was with it. Admittingly Richter isn't he best with a sword..He prefers to use his fists and moves. Then again they never agreed on a strictly sword fight now did they?

Richter spread out his legs and shifted his position to and held his sword before him in a vertical position.

In response his opponent shifted his position in a diagonal stance. Sword held at chest level with the point aimed towards Richter. He stood and heavier on his feet than Richter. The Persian narrowed his eyes as it seems he was going to wait for him. Smart. Weaviles aren't know for their stamina and with a larger weapon he would have tired out quicker.

"Ready then?" Richter asked with a smirk. The Weavile merely grunted and motioned his head to someone in the crowd. An knight came out and looked over at both combatants. The Persian recognized him, it was one of the shield-bearers that was present at both battles. He remembered him because he was one of the last to leave, making sure everyone else was gone first. The feline could respect that in a person.  Keeping a cool head in a dangerous situation and looking out for others was something that didn't come easy for many people.

The knight inhaled and said."The area is the circle. First one to be pushed out of it or surrender has lost. There is no time limit. Only when one combatant is unable to continue. Do both of you have any objections?"

Richter shook his head, his opponent did the same. With that the Knight nodded and continued.

"Very well then. On three. One."

The Persian gripped his sword tighter and could hear the leather cracking on his glove.


Richter exhaled and readied himself as he kept the Weavile in his vision.

"Three." On three the knight stepped back and the Weavile was the first to move. He charged and aimed the tip of his swords toward Richter's blind spot, the eye where he was blind in. It was a big blind spot and something that everyone with any battle experience will do. If you see someone with a blind eye, always aim for that. They can't see that spot after all..But hey the Persian is old and it's something he's grown used too. Even better it's something he anticipates now.
"Tip kid."
Richter said putting the flat on his free hand on his blade before pushing against the trusting sword. The Persian stepped into the charge of the Weavile, he pulled his sword away and spun around, extended his leg to throw of the balance of the ice type before slamming the hilt of his sword on his back. To the credit of the Weavile, he only stumbled a bit before spinning around and wearily looking at Richter.

"I'm old and I have one eye. Don't think I don't know how to deal with my blind spot."

Richter had a tight expression on his face before stepping inside the range of the Weavile. He kept his slashes short and consise. Left. Right. Left. Right.  Each hit was blocked with the Weavile but the Persian kept him busy, he was pushing him back with every hit. After all the Persian was aiming for the wrists. The Weavile quickly realized this and was on the defense. Even if he would counterattack Richter wasn't giving him any chances to do so. Except this one.

The Persian stepped back and position himself for a trust and that was all the Weavile needed with a grunt he grasped his sword with both hands and swung with all his might towards Richter's side, a swishing sound could be heard before a loud clang.  On the second he started his swing, Richter turned his sword in a diagonal position to side and pushed against the swing with his sword letting himself drop down and avoiding the hit. On the ground he pulled back his legs to his chest before kicking an Kangaroo kick at the Stomach of the Weavile.

It pushed the ice type back, making him stumble with a grunt. With the momentum of his kick Richter pushed off with his arms as well, getting back on his feet. He gripped his sword tightly once more before stepping into range again. To the credit of the Weavile he got his sword up before Richter got in. Not good enough however as with a strong slash his block was thrown away.

Richter stepped in and slamming his shoulder against the Weavile's chest. He let his sword rest before clenching his fist and throwing a right punch at the Ice-type's face slugging him into the ground. The Persian pulled back his leg before slamming his foot in a harsh kick against the stomach of the Weavile making him lose his grip of the sword and forcing him to roll towards the boundaries of the circle.

Richter calmly started walking towards the Weavile, the ice type in response snarled and jerked a bystander, one of his lackeys towards him.

"GIVE ME THAT." With a sneer he pulled out the sword of his minion and brandished it before Richter with venom in his eyes."You are MINE CUR." With a yell the Weavile charged towards Richter for an overhead slash.

"Well I was gonna play nice but." Richter pulled his sword up and deflecting the wild swing to the side before stepping in, with his free hand he took a firm grasp on the Weavile's hair and pulled him towards him.  He let his sword drop to the ground before using his other hand to pull the head of the pokemon down and slamming his knee into his snout.

"Guess not. "Again and again Richter slammed his knee into the snout of the Weavile, the ice type yelled out before attempting to slam the leg of Richter with his sword but Richter noticed and pulled him away with his hair and stepped to the other side.

"Another tip kid." Richter said pulling the Weavile again before slamming his fist against his stomach."Once you grab the opponent's hair."

The Weavile sneered and yelled."Let go you PEASANT AAAAARGH!" The Weavile opened his free hand and a freezing spiral of wind appeared above the pokémon's palm.  Richter instantly pulled him to his side, as well as stepping around,  making the Icy Wind flash towards the ground. "You can control quite a lot about your opponent!" The Persian pulled the Weavile upwards and moved to the other side. He could still see the Icy Wind and wasn't liking that.  The Persian stepped back and pulled the weavile backwards, making him arc his back and pulled his head back, narrowly avoiding the random blast of wind. He pulled the Weavile again, forcing the weavile to stand with his back towards the Persian.

He couldn't pull any further however, the Weavile digged his feet into the ground and glared at Richter with a ferocious look holding his hand aimed towards the Persian's face.  However in place of an freezing spiral of wind, there was a large icicle floating above it. Without any warning he let the full force of Icicle crash loose.

Richter widened his eyes and let the Weavile go and flicked his hand, quickly bringing up his arms letting the move crash against him. A violent torrent of icicles barraged the feline before a big one crashed against him fully. When wind and dust settled, a pillar shining like gemstone was revealed. It was chipped and cracked, icicles embedded deeply in it but it was still standing.

"Shatter." Richter made his Power Gem Pillar fade to dust before springing towards the Weavile.

"LET'S PLAY ROUGH SHALL WE.  ROCK!" The Persian took advantage of the surprise of the Weavile and slammed a glowing fairy fist into the stomach of the ice type doubling him over.

" PAPER!" With his other hand he harshly slapped against the Weavile's face, the impact creating a hard nasty slapping nose, once more forcing the Weavile to be moved around like a rag doll.

"SCISSORS!" Richter roughly grasped the tunic of the weavile before slamming him into the ground. With a flick of his hand a Power Gem Pillar busted out of the ground, forcing his opponent back up towards him. The Persian jumped and spun in the air before bringing his tail down on the Weavile, his tail was shining as if it was steel. The ice type wheezed and yelled out in pain.

Though Richter did not let up and grasped the Weavile's hair again before pulling him off the pillar into the ground. He raised up another first clenched tightly and shining in fairy energy again before the Weavile opened his mouth but it was quickly closed with another slam of Richter's play rough. A barrage of fists were rained down on the Weavile before one Fairy infused kick rolled him towards the edge of the arena once again.

The Persian slowly grasped his sword, small sparkles appeared on his arm. The sparks rose in intensity as he walked closer and closer to the Weavile, crackling and buzzing up and down the sword. The Ice type heaved heavily, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth and bruised from what Richter can see. With a large yell he froze the Persian.


Richter paused before slamming his sword in the ground. He looked at the Weavile in complete and utter disappointment. "This is your limit. You're the captain of the guard? This is all?" The feline had an incredibly disgruntled look on his face before rubbing his temple.


The Weavile scrambled up and yelled at the knights surrounding them. To their credit they hesitated, even the Captain's personal lackeys hesitated into drawing out their sword.

Richter scowled and look at the knights surrounding them. "If you draw your swords then I will fight. My name. Is Richter Hawthorne. I have taken and build from nothing. I am slayer of giant spiders, savior of druids, hunter of ghosts. If you are going to fight me you are going to fight an one man army. I do not have a heartbeat I have wardrums. My claws are swords and I fight with the power of cannons! I bear lightning and thunder, dragonfire and light of fae. Gems are my plaything and the darkness is one of my closest allies!"

The Persian opened his arms and stand up tall. "Hear me knights of Selva! This..Pitiful coward is your CAPTAIN. Are you going to listen to a man who abandoned his kingdom, his pride, his people! HE HAS NO FIRE!"

The Persian yelled out loud, his voice echoing over the courtyard and he has a feeling everyone was listening."We are a Kingdom of FIRE and ICE. Our belly is full of fire and our veins of ice. We are warm of heart yet our blood runs it cold in the sight of our enemies. We keep our own and our allies close, we keep them safe! And we annihilate the enemy while doing so! This man has lost his fire, his fangs and swords are brittle as a single icicle. WE ARE GLACIERS! Together we are strong! Brave knights of Selva we drove of the dragon TOGETHER! WITHOUT HIM!"

Richter pointed at the Weavile looking at him with hatred and before he could open his mouth the Persian continued.
"We are proud warriors! We are all brothers, fathers, sons, husbands! We fight to keep our family and loved ones safe! We fight for our home! For the people! For the King and Queen! A single icicle is brittle and break but together we are strong, stronger than the dragon and we will become even stronger! We have fought with noble warriors of different kingdoms who came to our aid and I know! I KNOW MORE WILL COME! WE STAND TOGETHER AN UNITED ARMY AGAINST THE ENEMY! ABBADON WANTS TO BURN OUR ENTIRE WORLD. NOT JUST YOUR FAMILY. NOT JUST MINE. NOT JUST SELVA. OUR ENTIRE WORLD! WE. WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!"

Slowly ever slowly the crowd responded to Richter's shouts, they cheered, they agreed, their eyes lit up like a fire spreading from one knight to the other.

And the crowd responded to his chant."FOR THE KINGDOM!"
Richter smiled before looking at the Weavile."This is your complete loss. Go on and scrable. Tell you father, tell the Queen. I took command of your armies and I beat your sorry behind. And I will do it again because someone had too. "

The Weavile snarled and took off he tried commanding his lackeys to follow him, but they acted as if they did not see him, only continuing to chant with the crowd.  With extreme displeasure and anger he stormed off and Richter just laughed.


And they all were. Because they had an united thought running through their minds. To fight, protect and rebuild. For the Kingdom.
For the Kingdom.

Well a little something I wrote for the new event, I had this story idea in mind and this also marks the reason why Richter is promoted to the Captain of the Royal Guards of Selva. Which is neat as all fuck.

wordcount : 4258

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EEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHH!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE WATCH:iconrenarikaspinplz: Though I don't deserve it from a great artist like yourself:iconcraiplz:
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Psss you dolt there isn't any reason to thank me, I'm sorry I wasn"t watching you earlier~
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But ay, thanks for watching me too man. ;u; Hope my other stuff unrelated to the circus of hell doesn't disappoint~
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PSssh it's not like I do much here hur, but thanks man. AND NAAH I LIKE YER ARTSTYLE SO IT'S COO
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