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Yours by 1wordinsane

This is my heart.

By the world, by others. Turned into a looking glass. To run away. To protect. Only for me to see.

By time, by misery, by others. The walls I made up, the glass that's been placed, cracking. Shattering

Pieces fall with every word with every action. Against my will. With my will.

Who I am. what I am. What I've forgotten. what I don't want to be. What I can become.

It was mine for a long time, even when I gave I never fully game myself. Too afraid. Too hesitant. Too much pain before.
But with you..I take my chance. My heart, who I am. Who I was. Who I can become. Is yours. Fully yours.
Eromania application - Coriander by 1wordinsane
Eromania application - Coriander


When you find someone or something worth loving. Never stop moving towards that, not worth living with regrets.

:bulletred: Full Name: Coriander Aster Mcginnis
-Nickname: Cory
:bulletwhite: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Age: 22
:bulletwhite:  Race:Psychai - Seeking love
:bulletred: House: Agape
→ Dorm number: D3-4
:bulletred: Birthday: January 14
:bulletwhite: Orientation: Bisexual

:bulletred:Combat aid: One for all
From first glance One for all looks like a regular gauntlets that can be dubbed as brass knuckles. It is able to block physical hits as any normal gauntlets would, though in this form blocking is not it's forte. Though it looks cumbersome Coriander is comfortably able to move his hands and wrist as long as the gauntlet allows him too.

It's true form however comes out in combination with Corriander's newly found Psychai powers. By using natural magic Coriander is able to create a forcefield from his gauntlets, in this form blocking is it's forté. However because he has no experience with using natural magic this is draining for him. Only with time and training will he able to master this form.


:bulletwhite:  Personality: At first glance Corriander is a lazy, perverted, obnoxious douchebag that's full of himself. One a second glance not much has changed but there is more to him than that.

He's a very kind person, while he does not like doing chores or tasks assignment to him, he will jump to help someone out in need. Be it an cat stuck in a tree, chasing after a run away balloon, helping someone carrying their groceries. He's also not one to accept any reward, in fact he tries to scare off people with asking outrageous rewards in the ends, so that they would leave in a huff. This way nobody would feel guilty about receiving help even if they did not want it in the first place.

While laid back and mellow, the young male is very spirited when it comes to a persons hobbies or likes. He gets excited for the person, asks them questions and wishes to see how much that person loves those things. Depending on what he sees he would either drop the issue if it's unsatisfactory or be very encouraging.

He has the habit of becoming angry if someone says they're about to give up on something they love. Angry in a well meaning way, he would berate them, tell them they should keep on fighting, tell them that there is always a chance and they would regret it if they just dropped it. This comes to a surprise to many people who talked to the male a couple of times before.

What Coriander enjoys most however is watching people's expression if they achieved something they wanted. Be it falling in love, winning at something, or something something simple as drinking a beer on a hot afternoon. More than anything the young male is looking for what would give him that feeling of bliss and joy.

While he is always good for a listening ear, he rarely talks about his own feelings of problems. He masks them very well, waving them away with his own eccentricities and rather gutter-filled sense of humour.

In truth he feels empty and lost most of the times. Looking and searching for something that would make him whole. And dealing with the loss of finding that something and letting it go. He struggles with the thought of never finding that feeling again, but contents himself by helping others to find that sense of wholeness.

In truth he is jealous of those that could fulfill what he wants, but that jealousy fades away at seeing their expressions of joy and bliss. After all it's not worth being bitter over something that would make someone else smile.


:bulletred: Biography: He grew up in a loveless home. It was a cold and chilly place. His parents were barely around and Corriander soon learned to fend for himself. Even when they were at home it did not feel like any words they said were meant. More that it was scripted. School life was dull, he did not enjoy the lessons and soon fell into delinquent crowds. Though this stopped after a year after he found out that he didn't enjoy that either. He tried many things, many clubs but none of them held his interest. It was a boring empty life that continued on until his teens. It was there that he first found out how beautiful the small things in life could be.

It was after school and he was about to go home, he skipped most of the day by sleeping on the roof and it was in the late afternoon. He doubted his parents would be home and leisurely went his way, however something caught his eye on the path home. A person from his school searching through the grassy canal-side. His curiosity piqued he walked closer and asked what she was looking for. The girl was in tears and a mess. Mud and dirt all over her clothing and face, hands  raw from digging. She explained that she was looking for a necklace for hours now, a necklace that's very important to her.

Whilst normally he would turn a blind eye to these kind of things, figuring their not his business. The girl truly looked pathetic, seeing that he has time to spend and well her being so desperate the teen rolled up his sleeves and began looking with her.

The sun was setting when he finally found a necklace. It was then that his view on things changed.

It was like magic.

The girl lit up like fireworks and tears strolled over her cheeks as she tenderly held the necklace. A warm, honest smile radiated from her face as she thanked him so many times.

It was the most beautiful sight he has ever seen.

She was looking gross, dirt, tear, sweat and grass everywhere, hair messy and clothes ruffled up but that smile and that look on her face was absolutely beautiful.

On the way to her home she explained it was a gift from a childhood friend of hers. A piece of a matching set, she had it for many years and it was very precious to her. They said their goodbyes and Coriander went home to think.

Afterwards he found himself helping more and more people randomly. Just because and it felt..Good. It was not the same radiating smile as the first time but a smile none the less. He grew to like those smiles. It was then that he started talking to people more.

They told him about dreams, about hobbies, about past and future lovers and they always seemed to have this aura around them. An aura of blissful, contentedness, of happiness. The more Coriander talked and found out, the more hollow he felt and the more he wanted to find that same thing.

There was one thing however that filled that hollowness. And that was the girl he met before, Taylor.

After that fateful day she and Coriander became fast friends, though she berated him for skipping classes, she still helped him with school and they hanged out many times. They stayed friends even after highschool, she went to college and he began working in a café. While both busy they made room to spend time with their friend.

The years strolled by and eventually Coriander realized that he was in love.

It was a strange thing. Love. Something he's not accustomed to. The subject came up before. Throughout their highschool life Taylor kept single while Coriander had flings here and there, nothing truly special. He did ask Taylor why. She's one of the prettier girls he knew, kind, considerate yet also able to completely scare the crap out of someone when mad. She never truly replied, only playing with her necklace and having a far away look in her eyes.

It didn't take a genius to figure out she was pining for the one who gave her that necklace. It felt strange to Coriander however. Why wait for someone that you haven't seen for years. For someone that you knew as a kid. He couldn't understand but at the same time he did not want to jeopardize their friendship..Or losing her.

Eventually however he scrounged up the courage to confess to her. He's seen enough of that bliss, that sense of fulfillment and others and now he wants to try and get it for himself. And he's sure Taylor is the one for him.

But, a couple of days before he planned to confess he was serving someone at the café he was working in..Someone with the same necklace as Taylor, just a different colour. He froze and nearly dropped his plate, with some chit chat he grew to knew the person, at least on a professional level.

The person became a regular and Coriander did not confess, he was too curious about that necklace. Eventually he managed to ask it in the most casual way. And the sight that he saw broke his heart.

It was the same manner of response that Taylor had. Playing with his necklace, not really answering and having a far away look in his eyes.

He has a realization, one that he struggled with for days. For weeks. Eventually however he asked Taylor to come to the café and meet this costumer.

He thought that his heart broke when he saw his expression being similar to Taylor's. He was wrong. The look of surprise yet content happiness that they both had then. That look broke his heart. He backed away, because this was the right thing to do.

That night he received a letter. He thought it was a joke but it had a potion with it. Figuring that he has nothing else to lose he drank the potion. The most excruciating pain erupted from his back and he passed out from it. When he woke up he saw wings and the letter seems much more truthful.

While he could have stayed there..There wasn't much left to stay. He believed that perhaps on Venus..He would find what he's missing for. He left a goodbye note for Taylor and left.

This was the one thing that he did in his life that he regrets. But he was going to shoulder this regret, for how long he didn't know.


:bulletwhite:  Likes: Smiles, helping others, the naked body, noodles, Taylor, sleeping
:bulletred: Dislikes: Rules, regulations, tasks, spiteful people, cowards, people that give up, himself

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