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It was early in the morning, the first rays of sunlight barely peaking out over the horizon yet even at this early time someone was soon to start their day. In a nondescript room, for just a second, an alarm ran. Yet as quickly as it came a furry hand disabled it.

“Ah..Morning already huh..Jeez. Need to get used to this..Ah well..5 Am is a good time I guess.” The one eyed Persian woke from his slumber and groggily muttered to himself while he started his morning routine. As quietly as he could the feline dressed and washed himself before sneaking towards the kitchen. He couldn't wake up the adults or kids at this hour after all.

The kitchen was far enough away so there was little chance he would wake someone up with the sounds of cooking, still Richter tried to make little to no sounds. “Hmmhmm today..Well I think waffles would be a nice breakfast. I'm in a waffle mood anyway.” With a small hum and experienced hands he began the first of his self imposed tasks. Making breakfast.

After making enough for all the toddlers and adults, wrapping foil over the meal so it doesn't get cold and putting out enough drinks the Persian vanished from the kitchen when the first of the kids started waking up. There was a reason why he woke up at 5, some kids like to wake up at 7 Am. Arceus knows why but hey, better have some breakfast ready for those. Not to mention coffee for the babysitters that're keeping an eye on them.

Of course Richter ate a bit himself and grabbed a thermos of coffee as well. Not soon after the sounds of the children were echoing through the building, which signaled the end of his break. The second task was equally as important as the first. Checking the building.

The feline walked through the halls and peeked in rooms to check if every window was indeed closed, not to mention tidying up the beds and rooms of toddlers that scrambled to eat and play. Later on he would see if the central heating was alright, it wouldn't do well if the temperature was too low, or too high. What is worse than 100 or more so toddlers around, 100 or more so sick toddlers.

This took quite a while, it was a big castle but soon enough it was time to go back to the kitchen and prepare lunch. Lunch was generally a simpler task than breakfast and lunch. Menu for today was sandwiches. Simple enough but he made a large variety of em. Many different kinds of mon with different likes on what they want between their bread. Besides this way they'll have enough for a snack for any hungry mons later on, both adult- and toddler wise. When the first stream of toddlers entered the kitchen for food, he was about done. After properly writing down what kind of sandwich was on which pile, the old Persian walked out to start quite possibly the most tedious task. Laundry.

It was..Boring, lots of waiting around and not much else. But this does mean he can multitask making dinner. Though he doesn't need to do a lot tonight. Gwen made far too much and he stashed them in the fridge to heat the left overs up tonight.

“Ah..Cloe, where are you napping silly bugger.” Naturally he finds a lot of toddlers napping in strange places, like in an open cupboard.

“Here we go. Shhh sweetheart, just me. Keep sleeping.” He always places those kids in the nap room, just a room with lots of beanbags and pillows. He thinks Pj was the one that made it. Not too sure but he doesn't really care, it's convenient.

“Papa, Mama let's plaaay O V O!” The sounds of a girl voice reached his ears as he was making his way back to the laundry room. A slight peek into the room and he found Valerie tugging on PJ and Camille's hands.

“Hmm..” A memory a recent one flashed in his mind. One where he was holding a distraught crying, Helioptile. An older one. One where he promised to stand by her side if she wants too. Hugging her the same way he did with his own child. But as quickly as it came it flashed away. The Persian shook his head and flushed down the feelings of envy and..Sadness? Huh odd.

“Mama Hayden I want to make a snowmon, Oh oh can we freeze their heads!” A short walk later and he founds the young fox, along with the even younger Buneary. Before he realized it, he was remembering the time he complimented Patience on a training session well done. The pride he felt when she beamed at his praise. But once more the memory disappeared.

Richter gently slapped his cheek as he continued on his way, once again pushing down those unnecessary feelings.

It was odd however. To feel envy and sad over this. 'S not like he didn't foresee this happening. Kids tend to get attached quickly to adults who give time to them. They need it too, otherwise they'll get lonely. He figured it'll be better for someone scary as him to take care of all the boring household work so the other babysitters could play and get to know the children better. Oddly enough it still stings..

“Hmm..I'm off today.” He murmured to himself as he walked past a window. He already committed himself to this task and yet..He wasn't happy with it. “They're not even my real kids though.” But that didn't stop him from the other mons he took under his wings in the past, the other mons he consider as precious and close to him as his own children. “'S not like they don't appreciate me or think I'm super scary.” Quite the opposite, Cloe considers him a big brother and beams at him when she walks by. Riven the cute Eevee child is very stubborn and distrusting of other adults but always eats the meals prepared by him and trusts him the most. Jasper listens to him when he says the Chinchilla has to stop eating cookies, then again he also gives the kid a candy for being nice and the list goes on. In fact none of the kids thought he was scary. He was Mr.. Kitty pirate. “..But Not a dad.”

Dad. A word that means a lot for him. Never knowing his own parents when he grew up..Getting betrayed by father figure after father figure. Later by his own father. It was a word he loathed but admired at he same time. Benjamin was the first mon actually, to show him the difference between someone that fathered a kid and a dad. Working long hours in the mines, teaching him boxing for a fee and still having enough time to play with his kids, to be with his wife and not get exhausted. He was a good man and someone he definitely looked up too in his younger years. In fact he could say that he was envious of what kind of a person the Hitmonchan was. A far better person that he was..Perhaps is.

But he learned and what he didn't learn he adapted when Vanessa was born. When Kenneth was born. He learned together with Evelyn, how to be parents. How to be a dad. People tell him he's a good father, he likes to believe that but he knows he wouldn't have possibly done it without his wife and without having two wonderful kids as his own.

“....I miss 'em.” A realization hits him as he stopped folding laundry for a bit. He misses his family. The scent of home, their voices, their daily talks. It was odd, for having lived and survived alone for so many years, now being homesick of people. He misses them..And loath as he was to admit it..That wasn't the only one. “..I..miss Everyone..” Flashes of mons he met during his life..Of friends that he never saw again, of people he never saw again, people that walked a different path in life. He had his own family, one by blood and marriage and one by choice..But his world was small. Throughout the years it only became smaller and smaller.

The sounds of a movie reached his ears as he was bringing the laundry back to the rooms and with a slight peek he saw many kids and adults being enraptured in a Disney movie. Smiling faces, big eyes of the children. How the babysitters quietly talked to one another in this time of rest. Richter shook his head as he caught himself smiling sadly.“...That's right..This isn't my world is it.” He murmured before walking off. He was 47 going on 48. His life..His world was not one of this generation. He really has no place here. School is a place where children and young adults try to find their way in life. A place where they make their base strong so they can grow. He doesn't fit in there..Nor with the teachers. Better with them but they all of them were barely half his age. He was..Lonely. In the first time in a long time he felt the feeling of loneliness. Not of simply this but of the time he spend in College. “..The future is for those children and young adults...Innit. I'm just..A relic of the past. “ Richter murmured to himself. The only sound that were in the empty hallway was his voice and his steps.

“My time is gone. I had a good life but..My world is still so..Small.” Wasn't it ok like this though? Having a small world. He was happy but. “..I am still envious of those that can expand their world..Even now 40 years later. Heh..Guess I never really grew up. “ Flashes of rainy skies, hostile crowds and him trying to shelter from the world in a cardboard box in an alleyway crossed his mind.”..I'm still the same lonely kid that wants more huh.”

His musing could go for another time. He doesn't have the time after all had work to do. It was almost dinner time and he hasn't finished it just yet.   

A normal December day

Wordcount 1711 though not that it's really needed lol.

Hur hur have a thing I wrote, of what Richter's up too during the kids boom of 2014 bwehehehe

All characters belong to their respectful owners and I'm just the owner of the cat
Armonia: Santa Dad is in the house. by 1wordinsane
Armonia: Santa Dad is in the house.

Richter totally believes in Santa Claus, dude ripped him of in the annual poker game. Cheating with his christmas magic and then running away with his glowing nose sawbucks. What do you mean he was drunk? Nah he wasn't he was totally playing with Santa, the Easter Bunny and a Leprechaun. All of em cheaters. All of em. 

But for serious though dad cat is gonna help out all he can. He has the eyepatch to not scare kids, a bell on his tail so people know where he is, and a santa hat. Eyup.
Wry. animose heather KeIdeo Heartchuu these nerds tagged me.

Warning some of these answers are definitely TMI so be warned. I dun care, my journal so yolo.

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Things about me
1. I'm a general contractor now.
2. I dropped out of college. 
3. I struggled years with depression and had an incredibly rough couple of years but now I'm working on getting better and honestly I am getting better. 
4. I hate wearing clothes like..No clothes for me. 
5. I'm absolute shit at watching movies alone, I like need to have someone there to watch it with me.
6. I want to live in Canada and have pets.
7. I have a crush on someone right now and it's killing me in a good way.
8. Thanks to Heatheru I have watched ye old Disney movies. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen any of em.
9. I have the bad habit of listening to a song on repeat over and over again until I can play the song in my head.
10. I 'm still a virgin but my mind is constantly in the gutter. 

1) What is the greatest accomplishment that you have ever had?
Er..Being there for my broskies, making sure they feel loved and supported and like good 'bout themselves. Also making them laugh.

2) Who is your favorite artist on DA?
Too many to actually say gomen.

3) Who is your favorite Youtube creator?
Eeeummm hmmm...Probably Roosterteeth peeps.

4) Assuming that you play video games, do you prefer games published by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, or indie developers?
Nintendo for life yo.

5) What is your favorite beverage?
Apple flavoured Dutch gin

6) What is your favorite food?

7) What is your favorite season?

8) If you could move in with any one person, who would it be?
Err prooobably with Heatheru but we might end up killing each other.

9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?
Canada or Sweden

10) Is it day or is it night?
Nighttime yo.

Animose questions:
1. if you could murder anyone who and why
Classified information miss.

2. favorite pastime

3. least favorite pastime 

4. favorite character ever
Well Richter gomen.

5. an OTP and why theyre ur OTP
Richter and Evelyn. Because damn. Always and always man.

6. something youve always wanted to do
Have sex.

7. best feeling ever
Talking to my crush person.

8. funniest thing youve heard recently
It aint necrophilia if the body is still warm

9. ever explored your sexuality 
Still a virgin so nope.

10. What is you opinion on America's economy at the present time? Is there anything that can be done to save us? 
Rewrite the constitution so all states actually have to listen to a central government, have a standard level of education for every state, health care. Also don't invest in war so much. I dunno. Ya'll fucked immo.

BUNNY questions!
1. Are you left handed or right handed?
Actually ambidextrous but I prefer my right.

2. Favorite ice-cream flavor?

3. First joke to come to mind.
What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? YUR MUM EEEYYYY

4. Can you cook?
I can 'cook'. Undercooked or burned meals.

5. Cold or hot weather?
Cold weather.

6. Lucky/favorite underwear.
There is only one question for this. Banana yellow undies.

7. Nerf gun or Super Soaker?
Nerf gun baby.

8. Favorite Ghibli movie.
Spirited away man.

9. What do you usually draw to warm up your hand?
Er..Nothing actually.

10. Favorite Avenger o 3 o
Black Widow cuz DAMN SON

HEATHER questions!
1. What is the dirtiest thing you've said recently
That Pikachu buttplug looks cute.

2. Dirtiest thing you've done
Hmm dirty stuff =w=

3. What's the worst thing you've done to someone else
Hella lot of teasing, overly amount of teasing. The bad kind, the kind you do not want.

4. Best thing
Stopping the teasing :eyes:

5. Give me your favorite song HA HARD QUESTION ISN'T IT
Lalala latch from pentagonix

6. Give me a song you can't stand

7. A pet peeve
Euh a lot but can't seem to think of any.

8. A nightmare
Getting my dick chopped off.

9. Dirtiest fantasy.
Binding *censored* arms together on her back, blindfolding her, pushing her down on a bed and having my every damn way I want with her.

10. If you could go on a voyage to break the time continuum by travelling across time and space in pretty much nothing but a tin can--would you do it and what would you break in time?
Nah brah. Nah.


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